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Welcome to Waikiki 2

2019. 20Ep

Welcome to Waikiki 2 is a dramedy about the youthful love and passion of the inhabitants of the Waikiki Guest House.  Jun-ki's "evil influence" on his college classmates continues, this time towards his high school classmates.  The crazy plan on the verge of bankrupting th

The Light in Your Eyes

2019. 12Ep

Hye-Ja, a 25-year-old aspiring anchorwoman, has always looked a little mature for her age. But one day she looks older than she’s ever looked before when she wakes up as a 70-year old version of herself after her magical time-turn clock goes awry. She wanted to use it to prevent her father&

Legal High

2019. 16Ep

Clean with Passion for Now

2018. 16Ep

Jang Seon-gyeol has wealth and good looks, but suffers from severe mysophobia. He is obsessed with cleaning and even owns his own cleaning company. However, he meets a carefree and untidy girl named Gil Oh-sol after she enters his company as a new employee.

Oh-sol has worked all sorts of pa

SKY Castle

2018. 20Ep

*Sky Castle: The name of the luxury private town where wealthy doctors and professors live. It was built by the first president of Joo Nam university, which is the best university in Korea. Most of the residents are doctors and law school professors of the university.

The drama describes al

The Beauty Inside

2018. 16Ep

Once in a month, a top actress Han Se-gye suffers from a unique type of “magic” that makes her become a different person. At a certain point every month, she has to live one week with a different appearance before coming back to herself. She is known as a troublemaker and

The 3rd Charm

2018. 16Ep

Joon-Young is a 20-year-old university student. He is a neat, good student, wearing unassuming glasses, jeans, white socks and white sneakers. He doesn't care about fashion. Joon-Young plans more than necessary and he is sensitive. Joon-Young then takes part in his first blind da

ID: Gangnam Beauty

2018. 16Ep

She paid for her face, and now she’s paying the price

This romantic comedy chronicles the life of MIRAE, who has always believed that her life would be better if she were born more beautiful. After she goes under the knife, she comes out looking like the beautiful wom


2018. 16Ep

Doctors fight diseases. The hospital fights doctors.

The Hippocratic oath may read ‘do no harm’, but in this hospital, bloodshed will be inevitable.

From the writer who brought you the sensational thriller ‘Stranger’ comes LIFE, a series that l


2018. 16Ep

Miss Hammurabi, the everyday life courtroom drama with distinctly different justice departments of three people.

Park Chaoreum is a newly appointed judge who is assigned to the 44th Civil Affairs Department at the Seoul Central District. She is always on the lookout for inj


2018. 16Ep

A man who lost his love, and a woman who draws the future.

‘Nabi Project Team’ is a small-scale secret group secretly operated by the National Police Agency.

This is a group named after the word ‘Nabi,’ a Hebrew word that means ‘Prophet,&

Something in the Rain

2018. 16Ep

Yun Jin-a is a woman in her mid-30s who doesn’t know yet what it’s like to date a man. She’s been dumped by a man many times because of her clumsy, reckless, and foolish behavior. And again, a man she wanted to marry dumps her for the worst reason ever: that she’s like bla


2018. 16Ep

Kevin Lee, the man who stood in the spotlight, turns up dead.

Three suspects are on the table and they are all women of his past.

Hye-ran Go is CBC’s first female main anchor and a living, breathing representation of this era’s intelligence who steadfastly holds the no.1 r

Welcome to Waikiki

2018. 16Ep

Three very different young men – DONG-GU, the bad luck incarnate who dreams of becoming a film director, JUN-GI, an eccentric actor who performs to make a living, and DU-SIK, a freelancer writer who fiddles around doing nothing most of the time - open a guest house named “Waikiki&rdqu

Rain or Shine

2017. 16Ep

Having lost his father in a fatal shopping mall collapse, Gang-du is bereft of any will to live and he grudgingly goes on day by day with his mess of a life.

One night, Gang-du walks down the road with his ailing leg. He gets beaten near to death by a group of men and is cast aside in a des


2017. 16Ep

His beloved wife died.

Joon-seo’s life felt like hell before Min-ju came to him. She became his happiness and meaning of life, but now she is dead.

Drowning in unbearable sadness, he veers towards taking his own life. At that moment, a woman comes looking for him. She claims tha

Summer days; Yeo-reum

2017. 2Ep

A midsummer’s memory that was both glorious and painful

Han Yeo-reum is a 37-year-old radio scriptwriter. She once thought she was beautiful and charming, but now she feels shabby even in a bright-colored dress. She’s just an old and lo

The Package

2017. 12Ep

SOSO gets heartlessly dumped by her boyfriend, leaving SOSO behind in France. She had no choice but start working as a tour guide in France to make a living. She leads a group of people traveling with the “Luxurious Premium Tour Package: 1 Week in France”.

 However, this te

Hello, My Twenties! 2

2017. 14Ep

Back to Belle Époque

Five girls in their 20s share a house called Belle Époque. A year has passed since “Hello, My Twenties 1.” Each of them got a job, went back to school, is still trying to get a boyfriend, or is getting over her first breakup. O

Terms of Romance

2017. 15Ep

What if you got a terminal diagnosis one day?

Baek-se, a 27-year-old who was living a normal life, gets diagnosed with terminal illness one day with only 3 months left. She wants to experience a heated romance with Ji Sul-woo, a top celebrity she&r

School of Magic

2017. 2Ep

Young magicians find magic both on and off the stage

NARA, JAY, JUN & LEE are four young adults who meet at the school of magic. These four men are as different as can be and join the magic school for different reasons. One of them wants to tell a girl about his feelings for her, one is

18 Again

2017. 2Ep

A man who used to be an outcast in high school goes back in time to bring his first love back to life!

28-year-old Gyeong-hwi is a resident at a university hospital. He was bullied in high school. He made a suicide attempt, but Han Na-bi, a mysteri

School of Hip Hop

2017. 2Ep

Bored elementary school teachers decide to teach what they really want.

Do you have a job you hate?

Though blessed with a stable job, these elementary school teachers are bored of their lives and decide to implement some changes. A music teacher who used to be a   hip hop artist

A Person You May Know

2017. 2Ep

When your ex shows up as “A Person You May Know”

Yi-Ahn and Jin-young have been in an on-and-off relationship for nine years since they met in college. One day, Jin-young breaks up with Yi-Ahn. Even before Yi-Ahn becomes used to her single life, she hears the ne

The Lady in Dignity

2017. 20Ep

A former classy lady who was cast down to lower class from being a wife of an upper class man, and a determined lower class woman who dreams of becoming a lady in dignity - how will the two women’s battle for raising their social status end?

Ah-jin, who is beautiful and has a nice fig


2017. 16Ep

Kim Sul-woo is a mysterious National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent whose identity is known only by a few superiors at the top of the agency. As a highly skilled and suave agent, he can accomplish any and every mission he is assigned. When a large conglomerate, Songsan Group, is identified as a

Strong Girl Bong-soon

2017. 16Ep

Bong-soon is a petite and peculiar girl born from a lineage of super strong women, literally inheriting supernatural strength. She has to be careful not to get noticed, and the gift of strength is lost if used for selfish gain. The burden of her strength motivates her to dream of joining a succes

Solomon's Perjury

2016. 12Ep

Solomon's Perjury is a murder mystery that digs into what really happened regarding the death of a student, and deals with the growing pains of teenagers. On a Christmas night, a student fell off the school’s rooftop and died. The police concluded that he committed a suicide, and the sc

Listen To Love

2016. 12Ep

Hyun-woo fell in love with Su-yeon at first sight in college and they have been married for 8 years. He thought he had the perfect family, with Su-yeon, who is a beautiful wife and a good mother to his beloved son. Then one day, Hyun-woo sees a hotel reservation message sent by a male stranger on


2016. 16Ep

As a hardworking scriptwriter, So-hye is writing a drama about cancer, when coincidentally she is diagnosed with breast cancer and learns she has five months left to live. She decides to live it up, leave no regrets, and do whatever she feels like doing. However, as a workaholic she also commits

Hello, My Twenties!

2016. 12Ep

Five girls in their twenties come to live together in a house called "Belle Epoque," which means "a beautiful time" in French. Each girl has a particular personality, background, and issues. In addition to the five girls, they believe there is a sixth presence - a ghost living

Secret Healer

2016. 20Ep

Based on Korea’s most renowned doctor, Heo Jun, “Secret Healer” is an historical fantasy drama about a young man finding his way and love for a forgotten princess. Heo Jun faces discrimination as an illegitimate son and gives up on his natural talents, intelligence, and passion

My Horrible Boss

2016. 16Ep

Although renowned as the youngest team supervisor in her company, Da-jeong has been divorced three times already and is always surrounded by suspicion and disdain because of her bad temper. She is a strong and insensitive woman who doesn’t care that other people talk about her or that they

Madame Antoine: The Love Therapist

2016. 16Ep

Soo-hyun is a psychologist based in America who has famous celebrities as his patients. But he suddenly returns to Korea and opens a psychotherapy center. A fraud fortune-teller named Hye-rim steals all of Soo-hyun’s clients with her uncanny ability to read people’s minds seconds afte

Songgot: The Piercer

2015. 12Ep

A disenfranchised and disillusioned young man stands up against the top 1%. 

SEAN has a timid personality and is easily frightened, but he stands up for justice and does not cower in fear when he feels that he has been wronged. Early on in his military career, he becomes disillusioned

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Kids These Days

2018. 6Ep

Ever wondered what kids these days are thinking?  Instead of TV, they’re always on their smartphones.  They talk with their mouths open while eating, and have a different view of the world. 

Grown up celebrities who are considered “adults these days” and hav

Let's Get It

2019. 10Ep

<Let's Get It> is a new show that depicts the topic of job preparation and changes. The cast filled their bags with passion and motivation, and each will go through typical recruitment processes in various 


2019. 10Ep

Without any interference from the production team, the cast enjoys the life of regular backpackers in Cuba, rather than the life of a star they are used to back home. While exploring the new surroundings, the cast me

Come See Me

2018. 1Ep

Celebrities with brilliant ideas, overflowing passion and excellent senses participate in a program they’ve always wanted to do. 

A free-for-all show, where they decide what to talk about and showcase.  No one to force them to perform a certain way, no one to tell them what

SKY Muscle

2019. 4Ep

JTBC's Great Playground <SKY Muscle> is a new entertainment program that will motivate the participants working out together as well as managing their fitness routines and body shapes. Celebrities known for their ability to <


2018. 24Ep

What is a wannabe star offers to do my own makeup?

At MIMI Shop, the place of fantasies where beauty is presented to ME, where celebs do my makeup and share everyday life stories and concerns in a special session of this sharable beauty reality program.

I Have Fallen For You

2018. 10Ep

This is a real teen romance observation program.

A teenage girl goes on dates with their three guy friends.

There is only one guy friend among the three she dates that really likes her.

Celeb panelists make deductions on which guy will confess his feelings to her.

Chef & My Fridge

2014. 125Ep

Chef & My Fridge is a cooking entertainment program where viewers can get recipes, tips on food storage, and other useful information from expert chefs while also getting a glimpse into the daily lives of popular celebrities. On this special TV cook-off, celebrity chefs and chef-like celebrit

Men on a Mission

2015. 71Ep

It is a sitcom talk show program set in a school. In each episode, new celebrity guests appear as transfer students at the 'Brother School' where seven mischievous brother students wait for them. The show consists of several dynamic sessions. In ‘Guess About Me,’ Celebrity gue

Guided Adventure

2016. 21Ep

Four male celebrities in their 40s who have no experience in group travel, except for school field trips and business trips, go on a fully pre-planned group tour. They depart lightheartedly without serious preparations, but their busy travel schedule, led by the guide, is not something to be take

Sugar Man 2

2018. 19Ep

Sugar Man 2

The Sugar Man Syndrome begins again!

Sugar Man is a music show that recalls the nostalgic singers of the old days who still remain in everyone’s heart. The audience communicates with them by listening to their hit songs. It in

Dining Together

2016. 26Ep

What do our ordinary neighbors’ family dinner times look like these days? Here are two of the most famous comedians in Korea. The two guys are given one spoon each, and have to wander around unfamiliar neighborhoods each week to ring doorbells of random households in order to have dinner wi

Do the Right Thing

2018. 8Ep

Anyone can commit a crime, but no one tells you what happens after you commit a crime!


Korea’s first reality show where the judicial power is put in action

<Do the Right Thing> is a program that shows the actu

My Mad Beauty Diary

2018. 19Ep

This is a stylish beauty program which seems like a special extended version of Instagram in its magazine-like details.

Trendy beauty issues and premium beauty items selected by editors are introduced and highlighted.

Learning the Hard Way

2017. 8Ep

You’ll arrive at your destination without anything! Now, you are asked to sell some goods in order to make money for your trip!

Our tourists are provided with nothing, but USIM chips and train tickets. We hold a small “business fair” before their departure

Midnight Madness

2017. 0Ep

Here come night zombies who will fight your sleepless nights away 

The ‘Midnight Madness’ competes for the hottest places, products, and food of the week. The cast gathers at a trendy spot at midnight to experience the hottest item. Th

Begin Again 2

2018. 0Ep

‘Singing again in an unfamiliar place’

There are stars who are already famous in Korea, but near nameless overseas. The stars with different musical features travel overseas with no people that recognize them and take on the challenge of busking at different loc


2017. 0Ep

Courageously living abroad

"Stranger" is a reality show about people that are living in a foreign land. While other shows about foreign countries introduce the countries through travel, experience, and food, Producer Hwang Gyo-jin, of &qu

Hyori's Bed and Breakfast 2

2018. 14Ep

The Hyori Syndrome is coming back

Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast, selected as the YOLO Show of the Year at the Brand of the Year in 2017, will come back for the season two.

Hyori’s Homestay is a reality TV show that presents singers Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Sang-su

Mix Nine

2017. 14Ep

Korea’s top idol creator combs through the nation to find the next star

“Mix Nine” is a competition TV show through which Yang Hyun-suk, the CEO of YG Entertainment, visits agencies all over Korea to find new rising stars. Regardless of the size of the age


2017. 16Ep

The world's first MCN survival show

Multichannel networks (MCNs) no longer rule the world nor is the story all about them. Anyone can create content regardless of their location or age. One-person media content, which was never introduced befor

My Foreigner Friend

2017. 11Ep

What does someone who is the same age but on the other side of the globe have on his mind?

There are three kinds of friends in this world. Male friends, female friends, and foreigner friends.

A new world unfolds through “my foreigner friend” who are the sa

Abnormal Summit

2014. 177Ep

Here, young guys from all over the world hold Abnormal Summit. They believe themselves as the representatives of their countries. Now the G11 begin their discussion on the hot topics of today’s youth! In the Abnormal Summit, the common issues such as dreams, marriage, other cultures and wor

Phantom Singer 2

2017. 12Ep

There are great vocalists who still remain unknown despite their heavenly voices and exceptional skills. They remind us of the musical genius ‘Phantom’, who had natural gifts but lived in hiding. In this crossover vocalist audition, those ‘Phantoms’ of the world will revea

Rated G

2017. 11Ep

The best in Korea have gotten together for the TV shows and movies we love. 

Movies and TV shows are the most influential channels of mass media in the world we currently live in. What if the two were combined? The most celebrated directors and actors of Korea have got

Perfect on Paper

2017. 11Ep

A new type of matchmaking show

“Perfect on Paper” means someone who is perfect in theory, someone who seems like the perfect date with perfect character, lifestyle and values. Unlike previous matchmaking shows that focuses on looks or qualifications, “Perf

Mix and the City

2017. 6Ep

EDM is the most popular type of music all over the world! 

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is a hot genre that numerous top artists, such as Maroon 5 and Coldplay, are taking a shot at. However, most people in Korea still have the impression

Say My Name

2017. 9Ep

They all have the same name, but different looks, ages, jobs and lives

“Same Name Club” is the first social life club for people with the same names in Korea. It depicts one facet of society through names. People who have the same name get together and share the

iKON Picnic

2017. 6Ep

“iKON Picnic” is the first variety show in Korea to focus on a global friendship. iKON goes on a school trip with Tokyo Girls!

Leave when you can! The first and last school trip ever

iKON, one of most popular boy groups in Korea, goes on a school trip to J

Hyori's Bed and Breakfast

2017. 14Ep

Korea’s hottest diva Lee Hyori opened up a free bed and breakfast?

K-pop star Lee Hyori and her husband Lee Sang-soon opened up their home as a bed and breakfast in a village in Jeju Island. They will invite ordinary people and provide them lodging.

On stage she is charismatic,

Begin Again

2017. 0Ep

<Begin Again> is a music & travel variety show that presents the dream team on road trips. The team is composed of three key musicians, Lee So-ra, You Hee-yeol and Yoon Do-hyun, as well as the zealous music lover Ro Hong-chul. Although they are singers and an entertainer everyone knows

Crime Scene 3

2017. 12Ep

In this mystery entertainment show, mysterious murders happen in an enclosed space, and participants are trapped in that same space. Real crime scenes from Korea and abroad are recreated. All cast members become suspects in a fictional murder case inspired by actual murders. The goal is to find t

Just Remarried 2

2015. 98Ep

These days, people can live up to 100 years-old. The longer we live, the more remarriages occur in order to enjoy life with loved ones. We can get a glimpse of these lives through the 'real remarried lives' of celebrities who were divorced or widowed. As the episodes of these remarried co

Battle of Tongues

2013. 214Ep

A new kind of talk show that reviews issues from the viewers’ level! A high-quality news review program where panels from various backgrounds with diverse perspectives review issues without reservations, Battle of Tongues is a battlefield of sharp wits that broadens the worldview of its aud

Tribe of Hip Hop 2

2016. 14Ep

A survival game to win the Hip Hop throne has begun! The show presents famous rappers, who scout hidden hip hop masters and create teams (or tribes) to compete for the throne. Season 1 features 8 ‘grandma’ contestants whose average age is 65. As ‘silver hip-hop students’,

Phantom Singer

2016. 12Ep

There are great vocalists who still remain unknown despite their heavenly voices and exceptional skills. They remind us of the musical genius ‘Phantom’, who had natural gifts but lived in hiding. In this crossover vocalist audition, those ‘Phantoms’ of the world will revea

Solo Wars

2016. 10Ep

A large scale dating survival game unfolds amongst 50 single male and 50 single female Korean participants. These participants must find others of the opposite sex and become couples to win a cash prize together. The singles need to cunningly deal with missions in order to get closer to the perso


Welcome to Waikiki 2

SCRIPT | 2019 | 20 Ep

Welcome to Waikiki 2 is a dramedy about the youthful love and passion of the inhabitants of the Waikiki Guest House.  Jun-ki's "evil influence" on his college classmates continues, this time towards his high school classmates.  The crazy plan on the verge of bankrupting the Waikiki Guest House is still on track and antics ensue.  Woo-sik, who used to be a member of a not-sofamous boy-band, falls into Jun-ki's spell and invests every penny he has into the guest house.  Ki-bong, another victim of Jun-ki's sweet talking, used to be a famous baseball player but now he only warms the bench. He makes the wrong decision of investing in Waikiki and now he is about to go broke.  Sooyeon is the first love of all the Waikiki partners but finds herself moving into Waikiki after tragically being stood up at the altar.  Jeong-eun has done every part-time job out there and is a classmate of Jun-ki's film school.  Yuri is Woosik's older sister who becomes the "Queen of Waikiki", as she bends Woo-sik, Jun-ki, and Ki-bong to her will.

Let's Get It

NON-SCRIPT | 2019 | 10 Ep

<Let's Get It> is a new show that depicts the topic of job preparation and changes. The cast filled their bags with passion and motivation, and each will go through typical recruitment processes in various industries. Based on their characters, abilities, and charm, this program presents a special challenge for each cast member. 

 With the new generation, the idea of a "lifetime job" disappears. This constantly worrying generation can identify itself with this program as it also plans to share a "success package" with the audience.


NON-SCRIPT | 2019 | 10 Ep

Without any interference from the production team, the cast enjoys the life of regular backpackers in Cuba, rather than the life of a star they are used to back home. While exploring the new surroundings, the cast members become enthusiastic backpackers, looking for a place to sleep and considering what to wear and eat on their own.

This program was created by travel experts and directed by "Men on a Mission" PD Choi Chang-soo, who is himself an expert with years of experience by traveling around the world. 

The Light in Your Eyes

SCRIPT | 2019 | 12 Ep

Hye-Ja, a 25-year-old aspiring anchorwoman, has always looked a little mature for her age. But one day she looks older than she’s ever looked before when she wakes up as a 70-year old version of herself after her magical time-turn clock goes awry. She wanted to use it to prevent her father’s death, but somehow she’s now a 25 year old in a 70 year old body. How will she get back to her normal life and her boyfriend Jun-Ha when she looks like his grandmother?

Chart & GO


Don’t we all know these travel programs showing the all too well-known sights and attractions of the most popular locations around the world? This program skips the tourist sightseeing places you find in your travel guide and discovers the hidden paradise spots around the world.

Local YouTubers take the audience on their very own special “sightseeing tour”. Equipped with a self-camera, the locals let the audience experience the best restaurants, shopping malls as well as small neighborhood stores, accommodations that cannot be found in your usual search engine and much more.

If you know all the facts introduced in this program, you will be more "local" than the locals themselves. Instead of following the crowd, you better rely on what these YouTubers tell you to do and eat in order to get the full experience in these cities.

In season one of <Chart & Go>, the featured cities include Osaka (Japan), Shanghai (China) and New York (United States). Get ready for a travel show that will fuel your desire to travel and see the world.


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