Following its launch on December 1. 2011, JTBC hit the ground running, quickly rising to become the most innovative television channel in Korea.
It is the reincarnated TBC, which used to be Korea's top channel established in 1965, until the military government limited powerful media from owning multiple platforms. JTBC is refreshingly unique, setting itself apart from the others by delivering thorough and reliable news with speed and accuracy, and producing creative dramas and trendy entertainment shows.

In addition to the must-carry, general programming JTBC channel, other diverse and specialized channels are JTBC2, the entertainment channel targeting ages 20-39; JTBC Golf, a professional golf channel; and JTBC3 FOX Sports, a comprehensive sports channel.

With such innovative content, JTBC is ahead of the pack as a leading trend setter, appealing to both domestic and global audiences.


To create
a new world with distinguished contents

Going beyond typical, biased contents often found in today's media, JTBC strives to pave the way in the future of media. With its unique programs and contents, JTBC provides a brand new experience for the Korean audience, and also creates content that can reach and impact the global audience in a new, yet familiar way.


To capture
the heart and mind of our viewers

We must produce trustworthy programs that deliver joy and touches people, and work to become the most loved channel by viewers. We must dedicate ourselves to broadcasting contents knowing that every source can be inspirational to produce high quality contents. We must always continue to do our best as media professionals, with passion towards what we create.

  • We strive to produce and deliver programming that moves people.
  • We strive to be the best channel for our audiences.
  • We strive to be open to the possibility of diverse sources of inspiration.
  • And we strive to do our best as media professionals to create with passion.

JoongAng Group

JoongAng Group is Korea's one and only mega multimedia group.

JoongAng Group is the one and only mega multimedia group in Korea, comprising newspaper, broadcasting, cultural entertainment, magazine, new media, and more. With the national daily newspaper Joongang Ilbo, and the broadcasting channel JTBC on its frontline, JoongAng Group has led innovative changes in various media fields. We are partners with global companies, such as The New York Times, FOX International Channel Asia, and more. We also own MEGABOX, the mega multiplex cinema, and Bokwang, a total leisure company. Together, we work to lead the Korean cultural trend.

JoongAng Group does not fear change, but welcomes the challenge every day to be the media of Korea, for Asia, and the global community.